IT Oklahoma, who are we?

IT Oklahoma is a division of LMRoss Inc geared specifically to help small business in need of a mixed media/content creation company that does photography and videography for commercial purposes.

Why does it matter to me?

“Your first impression may be your only impression.” – Lawrence Ross

With the rate at which we consume content, your ad copy, training, or marketing materials have less than 5 seconds to grab someone’s attention.

You can’t do that with words. Ain’t nobody got time for text. As we expanded our offerings, we saw that solo and small businesses needed help with high quality, visual content for their products or services.

We deliver on the ideals of helping small business by ensuring that the visual content they need is affordable and relevant. Not every business owner has the time and energy to go out and experience to create high-quality videos and imagery.

* What does the term “IT” even mean? Really?

Our company is proudly based in Oklahoma. Before Oklahoma was a state, it was Indian Territory. Or, I.T. Oklahoma. So it’s both tongue in cheek but also a constant reminder that while the intricacies of information technology constantly change, the need for supporting small business in all aspects of technology does not. We firmly believe that photography, videography, and mixed media creation fall in that realm of technology that small business needs to embrace to succeed.